What is Project Management? How to do it

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Project management incorporates the organization of a task with the help of available resources. The main aim is to achieve a specific goal. It could be an event, a project, a current activity, or other organization-related management tasks.

Why Time-limit is Chief in Project Management?

There is always a time frame in project management, and it is prime to complete the project within the given time frame. One of the main reasons to incorporate an outlined project is to meet the deadline.

Project management helps to manage the task in a given time limit.

We know about the complexity of Engineering, medical healthcare, and Information Technology. These are some fields where we need to incorporate project management systems.

Five Stages of Project Management

There are five crucial steps in every project: outlining stage, initiating stage, performing stage, observing stage, and concluding stage. Every project has its budget. For example, if we were to talk about an architectural plan, it all starts with a thought and brainstorming.

Then it moves forward to rough drawings. Furthermore, the project would enter into the performing or executing stage. This stage involves the construction within the given time frame and budget.

What is a Project Manager?

A Project manager is a professional who works in the field of project management. Project managers are responsible for outlining, scheduling, planning, budgeting, and processing the project.

They are competent people with the abilities of a leader and team player. Timely task management under a budget is their area of expertise. They are responsible for the day-to-day progress of a project.

Responsibilities of a Project Manager

There may be a difference in the title or fields of a project manager, but the central duty of a manager is the same. Responsibilities of a project manager include:

  • Incorporating project management systems and methodologies
  • Outlining a task
  • defining the goal
  • execution of the task
  • Time scheduling
  • Scheduling finance
  • Risk management
  • Recovery management
  • Supervising the progress of a project
  • Scheduling and planning of the meetings
  • Scheduling collaboration
  • Team leading

Project management is a difficult job where you meet deadlines under a limited budget without creating any issues.

The project manager should be polite and respectful towards his team and vice versa. If there are issues between a team and its manager, the productivity level of that team would be low and slow.

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