What Is Digital Transformation?

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Digital transformation is the process of the integration of digital technology into all the areas of a business. Its fundamentals include changing the operation and then delivering value to the clients. Digital transformation is subjective to each business and client, so it is improbable to pinpoint a proper definition.

Digital transformation allows companies to experiment, change the status quo and get comfortable with failure. This means that diverting away from the long-standing traditional way of operating businesses.

Allie Mansour

Importance of digital transformation

Digital transformation generally begins with a problem statement, a clear opportunity, or an aspirational goal. You might want to improve customer experience, reduce friction, increase productivity, elevate profitability, and generally wanting to improve the business.

Allie Mansour as your consultant and expert at digital transformations

Allie Mansour is an expert and accomplished project manager and consultant with more than 20 years of experience. Allie Mansour has extensive experience in digital transformation. This will be an essential service of the new company he plans to open soon. He specializes in CRM and ERP implementation. Allie has successfully delivered projects and programs supporting strategic and mission-critical digital transformation initiatives in the following sectors: Industrial, aerospace, pharmaceutical, higher education, banking, insurance, healthcare, engineering, and non-profit/fund-raising.

One of Allie Mansour’s leading clients is Bombardier Inc. Bombardier is a company in the aerospace industry. Some of the projects Allie led there included being accountable for successful stewardship of all resources on multimillion-dollar projects with large cross-functional delivery teams comprising 100 plus resources. This and many more are included in his list of accomplishments.

Why do businesses need digital transformations?

There can be numerous reasons why a business might take on digital transformations, but one of the main and likely reasons is that they have to. It is a matter of survival. In times of need, businesses need to adapt to the supply chain demands and disruptions quickly. To be able to Identify rapidly changing customer expectations before it’s too late and to time market pressures is critical in times like global pandemics and rising competition.

In recent times, IT has had a significant role in companies, industries, and businesses. CIO’s are being pressured by their CEOs more and more to generate revenue for the organizations, and one of the main tasks the CIOs are given is to develop innovative new products. IT and Digital transformation have become the primary drivers of business innovation and are most definitely the future of all technology-related things.

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Allie Mansour is a project management consultant who is focused on project, program, portfolio and change management that provides clients with resources to deliver their business transformation initiatives.

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