What Are Consulting Services?

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A consultant is any person or entity under an agreement other than an employment agreement that provides expert or strategic advice and related services for decision making and consideration. Consultation services mean the provision of expertise or strategic advice that is presented for consideration and decision making.

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Difference between consultation and non-consultation services

There is consultation, and then there are non-consultation services. To differentiate between the two are the kind of services each of them offers. Consultation services offer Management Consulting, Information Technology Consulting, Technical Consulting, Policy Consulting, and Communication Consulting.

A consultancy service is dedicated to providing businesses and people with solutions to any business problem. They also carry out strategic planning and execution for a new project and the growth and expansion plans of the companies. While many consulting companies nowadays provide clients with a wide range of services, most are known for their specialties.

Management Consultancy

Management consultancy, for example, performs audits, devise strategic plans, facilitate joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, assist in diversifying offerings and markets, they build road maps for growth, structural, fundamental and practical shaping of a department, installing new departments or bringing new changes to the already established ones, assisting in opening new branches and even providing many outsourcing services, etc. Similarly, other consultation services provide many sub-services to a wide array of clients of every field.

Allie Mansour as an expert consultant

Allie Mansour is a McGill University graduate with mechanical and electrical engineering degrees. He has worked as a consultant for the past 20 years. He provides CRM, ERP implementation services, including Salesforce and SAP, application development, business analysis, solution architecture, and project delivery. Furthermore, Allie Mansour also deals in management consulting, including project and program management, portfolio alignment to strategic corporate objectives, and PMO implementation; advisory services for start-ups developing their value chains and established enterprises looking to restructure and optimize their delivery organizations; and staff augmentation. Allie Mansour also works for Bombardier Inc., a company in the aerospace industry. He provides his invaluable ideas, strategies, and advice to them.

Consultation for all businesses and companies

Businesses of all types gain benefits from consultation services. From small companies to big companies, every business gets a hitch in their smooth functioning, and consulting services help them figure out the best solution for their problems. The consultant can travel to the business site and give their expert knowledge. The main goal of consulting services is to help a company become more efficient and profitable than their current condition.

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Allie Mansour is a project management consultant who is focused on project, program, portfolio and change management that provides clients with resources to deliver their business transformation initiatives.

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