Myths Related To Project Managers

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A project manager, when hired, needs to establish himself as a leader of the group, and for that, he needs to be on the top of his game and has to show effectiveness that he can manage anything. A project manager guides the quality, scope, and even the project budget while keeping the client’s, organization, and stakeholders’ interest in his mind.

Allie Mansour

But while the project managers have a lot of jobs to do, there are a lot of misconceptions related to them and about the work they do. This article aims to debunk some of the most common and known myths related to project managers and understand the importance they play in a project.

  • Project Managers do not do anything

This is a very common myth related to project managers. While it is common to perceive that project managers do nothing, it is not at all true. The entire project lies on their shoulders, and they make sure that the project goes smoothly in various ways. For starters, they make sure to keep the interest of the client and organization in mind, plan the entire project plan and bring together a complete team that helps to complete the project successfully.

Not just this, but the project manager is not restricted to only a certain duty of the project, but rather they concerned with every single detail and part of the project. They keep everything in a proper schedule and help to complete it timely.

  • Project Managers are subject matter experts

This is not true. A project manager has almost the same job role everywhere of making sure that they complete the project timely. It is believed that they a subject matter and know about the smallest technology and other update related to the project. But in this modern times, that is not very necessary.

Modern project management is different than that and is supposed to be more communicative. This helps to interact with the different teams present under the project manager’s command. The project manager is also responsible for communicating the solutions and problems to the team and ensuring that everyone follows them.

As project management is becoming an important part of different projects, there are different myths that are connected to this certain position. The debunking of these myths helps to understand the role of the project manager and the tasks and duties that they are assigned to complete.

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