Most Common Myths about Computer Engineers

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To be very honest, all computer engineers have always been stereotyped. They are always regarded as one and no different from the other, despite whatever they do and when they do it. That is undoubtedly something which irritates them, and they do not want it to happen to them on a continuous basis.

It is exhausting to convey to non-computer engineers that all computer engineers are not the same and should not be stereotyped.

Allie Mansour

Here are some common misunderstandings regarding computer engineers to help them understand better.

  • Not all computer engineers should be considered math experts

This is a very common misconception which is present everywhere. The engineering sector has a lot of divisions and types and has more intelligent and competent people than others. Still, it does not mean that everyone who chooses engineering as a field should be considered intelligent.

A lot of them instead take more time than others to figure out why they choose the field and what they are actually trying to do. Because they have to do so much math, in the end, they have no choice but to like it.

  • Computer Engineers are big nerds

While we already mentioned and established that engineering is not for everyone, the ones who take it are not all nerds. Yes, like any other field, there are nerds, but those nerds are not really afraid or ashamed to show themselves as such. The rest are not nerds and should not be considered as such. There are different and effective ways to handle and cope with stress and stressful situations and most of them tend to opt for those ways instead of becoming full-time nerds.

  • The majority of computer engineers are usually socially awkward

Again, this is not correct like all the other myths which have been mentioned above. Why would anyone think that computer engineers are usually socially awkward? They like to have fun and socialize like the students of any other field. They also have friends and love spending time with friends and family. It’s only an issue of timing and forethought.

There really are numerous other myths concerning computer engineers. Yet there aren’t any other ones. However, the following is a summary of the most prevalent misconceptions to be addressed. But this should not stop you and you should keep exploring more and other myths related to computer engineering to learn more.

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