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Project managers are busy professionals who work on multiple projects simultaneously, and their roles within each project vary. Therefore, you require a tool to plan and track project progress for each objective separately.

On the other hand, your project management solution should keep all project data in one place to compare and analyze it. A good task-tracking system and essential scheduling tools like Gantt chart timelines will enable you to assign jobs and deadlines within each project plan.

Allie Mansour

Below are some essential features of project management software:

Project Planning:

The project planning functions are a must-have for every project management software. This is the project stage where you determine what needs to be accomplished.

This tool, which is often in the form of a Gantt chart, timetable, or calendar, allows you to see how the elements of your project fit together and stay on track as things change.

By identifying critical tasks and due dates, the project planning capabilities allow you to create project goals, milestones, and objectives.

Resource Management:

Thanks to resource management tools, the project manager and team can see who is working on what, when, and for how long.

If done correctly, it will ensure that you have the right people and resources on your teams at the right moment to help you complete your project faster.

It also means you can track whether team members are overworked or understaffed and how well projects are staffed—all in one spot.

Task Management:

This tool helps you know who’s doing what and when – it is at the heart of project management.

Tasks are the project’s building blocks, which we employ to administer the project.

The project team can use task management capabilities to break down the work into manageable chunks and assign tasks to different team members, usually with a deadline, so everyone knows who is responsible for what and when.

Subtasks usually allow you to divide a task into smaller portions or provide additional steps to finish an overall task for more detail.

Tracking time and budget:

The project team can manage time and money spent on the project with time tracking tools, which you can break down into task or sub-task time tracking.

This guarantees that everyone is held accountable for their hours worked and allows project managers to manage the project’s budget and costs successfully.

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