Every 3 Seconds a Child Needlessly Dies

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One person dies of starvation every 3 seconds, according to UNICEF, and it is typically a child under the age of five.

Imagine if all of the children under age 5 were killed in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom this year. This is the same number of children killed in the poorer countries of the world each year due to poverty. Sadly, most of these deaths could be prevented if the children had access to a few basic necessities such as clean drinking water, meals, vaccinations, and a safe place to live. Picture yourself with no water, no food, no education, living in the streets, and maybe working in a sweat shop if you survive long enough. What would your future look like? What chance would you have for a better life? What are the odds that your children would have a better life?

A child dies every three seconds due to poverty.

Why is it that the murder of one child makes headlines but the death of a child every three seconds is just a statistic? These 10 million children that die each year are a heinous crime against humanity since their deaths can be prevented.

Allie Mansour about Children Dying

Allie Mansour about Children Dying